Another 525 Handshake Fail Issue

Hello. starting 6/27 at around 11:51 AM my domain started to return a 525 Handshake Failure Message. I have been through all the tutorials I can find as well as all the messaages in the community but, nothing appears to help.

The domain has been hosted with GoDaddy for over 5 years and I’ve been using Cloudflare the entire time. I have data every 5 minutes show the status of the site and everything was good until 6/27. I had updated nothing or GoDaddy or on Cloudflare.

I’m not an SSL expert by any stretch so, I’m not sure exactly what to post to help troubleshoot this. Any bits of advice are greatly appreciated!

Pause Cloudflare and verify if your site loads on HTTPS. If it does not contact your host to clarify that.

Strange - I paused it and the site still gives the same error. Perhaps it takes some time to propagate that Cloudflare is paused? CloadFlare handles my SSL so, I was expecting it to break my site when I paused it.

I should have mentioned that if I click refresh (perhaps a few times) the site will show correctly. But in general, the 525 message shows initially and for the first few refreshes.

It may need some time, but Cloudflare does not handle SSL, your server needs to and if it doesn’t, then you know why you get that error and you need to fix that. Keep it paused and contact your host.

Hmmm… I’m using the SSL certificate from cloudflare:

furthermore… it looks like the “Pause” kicked in because this is the new response:

Precisely, now contact your host to get this fixed and the site to load on HTTPS. Once that works it will also work on Cloudflare. Keep it paused for now.

Sandro, I don’t understand. By pausing Cloudflare, I’m turning off the SSL that Cloudflare is giving me. It’s a Cloudflare certificate.

So what can GoDaddy see or do?

The issue is not Cloudflare here but a non-working server configuration. As already mentioned, keep Cloudflare paused and talk to your host. Once they fixed the server and it loads on HTTPS you can unpause.

I’m just trying to understand… I turn off SSL (on cloudflare) by pausing. Then I can go daddy and tell them the site won’t load? The message shows that the site is trying to load with https but, is failing… which is exactly what’s expected since cloudflare is paused.

So, won’t they just tell me to turn on Cloudflare (and the SSL)?

I’m trying to ensure I have my bases covered when I talk to them.

You are not turning SSL off but only the proxies and that is precisely to get the server fixed. Your host needs to fix that, Cloudflare is not involved here.

The server of your host needs to be secured and only your host can do that.

I think I understand. I’ll start the process of getting in touch with them now.
Thank you.

Will post any updates in the event it will help others.

As expected, GoDaddy is telling me I need to buy and SSL certificate from them.

Is there anything else I can tell them?

You can ask them how you configure your own certificate. Then you can install an Origin certificate. Otherwise maybe switch host

Well… I don’t want to go to that extreme quite yet.

My server is at an IP address, in Cloudflare, the DNS points to that address… but, when I go to whatsmydns . net, I get a completely different IP. Is that correct/normal?

If it is proxied, yes.But right now it shouldnt be. I am afraid this.really is a host specific issue and only they can fix that.

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Is there anything I can tell them that can help point them to the issue?

Another of my sites, everything matches and it’s all set up the same way.

I just got off the phone with them and they (GoDaddy) said it’s on CloudFlares side. Is there anyway to contact CF technical support or is this the only place to discuss issues?

As already discussed, you need to tell them to fix the server. You either have the wrong IP address configured or no certificate. Both is something you need to clarify with your host and Cloudflare is not involved.

Bottom line, your site needs to load fine on HTTPS when not proxied. And that you need to discuss with your host.

I’ve been on the phone multiple times… they say it is WITHOUT A DOUBT on the cloudflare side. In particular, the CF firewall.

I’m being told here that it can’t be cloudflare… but, I don’t see how it can possibly be GoDaddy.

You paused Cloudflare, so Cloudflare is not involved in the first place. Sorry but we are going in circles. This is a host issue and your host needs to fix the server.