Another 523 issues

I awoke this morning to a 523 error. Refreshing a page works 99% of the time and seems to indicate a load issue? DNS hasn’t changed and the A name seems correct. Hostgator says it is not on their end. I ran a traceroute and submitted it to support, but that could take quite some time. I can’t find a firewall problem. I tried pausing cloudflare and it still had the same problem. Other thoughts?

HTTP Error 523 is a Cloudflare specific error code, and it is highly unusual that you would get such an error with Cloudflare paused. Was the error with CF paused a 523, or something else?

The same error. Same Ray ID

And I agree, it makes no sense. It still shows browser > cloudflare > host when pause, and it should not

I have worked with support at my host and they have had me try the following:

change ssl to flexible
delete site then propagate it again
delete ipv4 then reenter it and save it
go to all proxies
go to no proxies
wait 4 hours to resolve

none of these has worked yet

I was on the phone with hostgator for over an hour. They had me change the proxies to DNS only and then pinged. They were getting strong pings and therefore said this is a cloudflare issue. I’m not sure what to do now. I have dozens of users on my site that cannot access their accounts. Any help is appreciated.

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