Announcing Cloudflare Optics, successor of Cloudflare Claire

We are releasing today a new browser extension to help you visualise connection data of the sites you are visiting, named Optics. If you are already using the Claire extension, you can safely replace it with Optics which currently serves the same functionalities but refactored both technically and visually.

For Chrome:
For Firefox:

Should you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in this thread. :telescope:

cc @tjado @smitchell


Shame it does not tell you if the site owner actually encrypts user data or still uses insecure settings. Any plans for that?

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Hey, are you referring to HTTP v.s. HTTPS, or other type of insecure settings?

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Referring to the encryption mode and whether the site is actually secure or still transfers the user data on unencrypted connections.

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Yes, encryption details like TLS version, etc. are on the roadmap.

You mean between Cloudflare and the origin, right?

Oh, no I was more thinking in terms of between browser and Cloudflare. Or whichever information that is already available in the browser context (like headers, or like /trace endpoint).

Thanks for the clarification, that would be of course less useful. I was referring to the proper security status of the connection, so that visitors can know for sure their data is safe.

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