Announcing Argo for Spectrum



Is this available for Pro plans? I’m assuming not. I don’t see any new options when creating or editing Spectrum applications.

Non-enterprise plans are still limited to Spectrum for SSH and Minecraft, but it looks like for those, you can enable Argo in the configuration window for that connection.


I’ve always had Argo Smart Routing, generally, enabled at Traffic » Argo for the zone. However, when creating or editing a Spectrum application though, I’m not seeing any new options as indicated by that article to specifically enable Argo Smart Routing for the Spectrum application.

Are you talking about a Spectrum application for SSH/Minecraft? If so, it’s quite possible it hasn’t rolled out completely yet. The blog post certainly makes it sounds like it’s all Spectrum connections.

Yes, we’ll use SSH for example, as I do have SSH Spectrum applications. The post does indicate it’s supposed to be generally available now, which I’d assume meant I should have access to it now too, but I’m not seeing it though.

Ok. Don’t feel bad. It’s not showing up on my Enterprise Spectrum app that I just tried to set up.

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Perhaps, it’s just not done rolling-out to everybody then.

I just submitted a ticket (#2312653) asking about this as I’m not seeing any Argo options within Spectrum.

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