Angular SSR

Hi, I’ve seen some rumblings of people accomplishing server-side-rendering for React apps using Workers.
Just curious if anyone has any tips on doing the same for Angular apps using Workers? Is it currently technically possible to do it?

Interested in this too, I imagine Angular Universal with a bit of work could run with CF workers.

This would be very interesting to me to… Time for some experiments I guess :wink:

Did anyone have any luck here?

I everyone I managed to make angular SSR works in a worker but it has some limitations with every async operations.

You can see the code and instructions to reproduce here GitHub - max-lt/ng-cf-ssr

Any feedback is welcome, I count on the community to help this project to go beyond its current limitations

(2) Igor Minar on Twitter: “A few key highlights for :stopwatch: started with: npm create cloudflare :zap: deployed to Cloudflare’s super-fast global network :a: built as the first-ever production Angular SSR app deployed to Cloudflare :100: all :green_circle::green_circle::green_circle: Lighthouse perf audit” / Twitter

It should be possible. Didn’t work for me, I got this error:

╭ Configuring your application for Cloudflare Step 2 of 3

├ Installing Angular SSR
│ installed via npx ng add @nguniversal/express-engine

├ Adding Cloudflare Pages adapter code
│ copied adapter code

├ Installing adapter dependencies
│ npm ERR! Cannot read properties of null (reading ‘matches’)

But looking forward to trying again in the near future…

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