Angular observable service to get data from Worker KV

I have an Angular9+ PWA (works fine locally). I have deployed it to CloudFlare Workers site. I want to Get some data I have stored in a Worker KV, but do not know how to achieve this. Can anyone advise me?

I have a simple service in the Angular App and I want to call a Get request to retrieve the Worker KV data. I noticed that the Worker file is using ‘Fetch’ (Promises?) but my Service is using Observables (HttpClient). So I do not know how to resolve this?

This is the simple service (using async in a component template somewhere):

getLocales(): Observable<any[]> {
return this.http.get<any[]>('someUrl');

This is a test KV:
dummyData: [{id: 1, name: ‘test1’, desc: ‘dummy data 1’}, {id: 2, name: ‘test2’, desc:
‘dummy data 2’}]

Not sure what to do next (CloudFlare is new to me). Thanks.