Angular/Java Site - Search engine crawlers

We have an Angular/Javascript website see Search engines cannot currently crawl it. Does Cloudflare have any tools/advice/API etc to assist us with getting our Javascript pages crawled by search engines? Thank you

This isn’t really something that Cloudflare can help with as a feature. This may be possible with workers but that would be very complicated and the execution time would likely surpass the 5ms limit if you have a complex app.

To get something like this working just for [all] search engines, you would need to use something like Angular Universal (next.js for React, this for Vue) to set up SSR on your server.

Note that, since Google (and all of the other big companies) are pushing JS frameworks, most search engines will render javascript in order to get an accurate picture of the page after render. If the page takes too long it will stop executing js and index whatever is there, but if your page loads/renders fast you shouldn’t have a problem.

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