Angular 6 web APP breaks on Rocket Loader


I am seeing some issues with Cloudflare when ever I enable Rocket Loader. I have a Web APP that uses Angular 6 framework. Whenever I load my app and navigate to a link and press browser back button, it causes page content to disappear. To fix it, I need to reload the page. For now I disabled Rocket Loader. I just want to let Cloudflare know about this issue.

I am running Angular 6 with SSR. If anyone uses same configuration, please check for this issue.

I love Rocket Loader and how fast it renders my site. Hope you guys can fix the issue.

@simon would probably like to hear about this. Since it’s the weekend, you might have to wait until tomorrow. Fingers crossed. :crossed_fingers:

Can you provide a URL where this is happening? It does not need to have Rocket Loader enabled.

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