Angular 17 SSR low performance for mobile on pagespeed

Hello Cloudflare team.
We have a website that we are trying to improve and we are checking at
When we purge the cache, our best result is 60 for mobile and 80 for desktop. A few hours later we get 30-35 for mobile. It looks like an issue on cloudflare side.
When we use DNS only without proxy we get 65 for mobile.
We are using Angular 17 + SSR and setting Browser TTL, Edge TTL on Cloudflare, and trying to use Tiered Cache.
Can you help what I am doing wrong?

good test (mob 60, desktop 86)
bad test ( mob 34, desktop 67)
dns only test (mob 59, desktop 77)

Hi @oleksandr.dotsenko,

Can you also advise the numbers without Tiered cache enabled?

  1. Please disable Tiered cached.
  2. Purge cache
  3. Wait for 10 mins and run the test again

Thank you.

Yes, sure.
I got 59 for mobile, 73 for desktop

After few tries I got again 37 for mobile, 67 for desktop