Android video quality playback issue

I am working on an iOS & Android app, and having some technical issues with video playback quality on Android. We’re using Expo AV ( which sits on top of Expo & react native, and uses the Exoplayer on Android. We’re retrieving the video data from the cloudflare API via a get request to [{account_id}/stream/{videoID}]

We’re using the “hls” property that gets returned and sending that to our video player, but something odd is happening.
On iOS the quality of the video we get seems very high.
On Android, even if the user is on a super high speed connection, the video quality is very low.

Has anyone seen something similar. Anyone have any idea how to go about debugging this?


Might be helpful to mention hardware and android version are you are testing on.

Hello, working on this project as well. We are mainly testing on Huawei Y6s, EMUI 9.1.0, but this has been reporting by all our Android users so far (on the web player version - no problem on iOS with the React native player integration)