Android SDK maven download 403 - Forbidden

I’m trying to build using the Android SDK from the maven repository, as per the docs.

I’m getting 403 (Forbidden) errors in gradle when it attempts to download the aar

Anyone else experiencing this?

Can you be more specific and give us more info what are you trying to succeed? Seems to me that your question feets more to stackoverflow?
Are you able to download the maven though your browser??

Having the same issue as @brendan.whelan above - when using Gradle to import the Cloudflare dependencies, I’m greeted with a 403 from the Maven repo during the Android build process. Please set the repo to public so we may consume the Gradle dependencies.

Can you post which library is throwing the error?

Hi @sandro , I’'ve added the ‘com.Cloudflare:Cloudflare-mobile-sdk:[email protected]’ and using following maven location :

…as in, that’s the library ^ and maven repo… (the 403 issue still exists) @sandro

Your configuration seems to check out with

Opening that URL with a browser also results in a 403 but that could be because of using a browser. @cloonan, any idea who is the right contact for that?

@jason.w, for the time being you could use the manual way and import the JAR file yourself. I’d prefer that old-fashioned :wink: way anyhow.

…reaching out…

Just received some feedback & question:

2.1.0 is public on a per object basis. To download the jar file ->

I’m able to download the files without issue.

  1. What gradle build tools version is being used &
  2. can you share the logs?
  3. Are you using distributionUrl= in the file?

Hi @cloonan , thanks for the response:

Downloading the jar (or aar) is not the issue, it’s access to the maven repo where the aar is stored when attempting to integrate Cloudflare in one of the two ways presented here:

I’m using Gradle 4.10.1 to build my project, which builds fine without the references to Cloudflare in the build.gradle.