Android Private DNS with


I am trying to use “ for Families” on Android (, but does not have any hostnames.

For it is possible to use “” and “”
Is it possible to have a “” please?

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That address doesn’t work, and further investigation shows it pointing to somewhere other then
$ dig +short

I’m still wondering if and are ever going to have a domain name?

I know the TLD .two and .three do not exist, so we cant have the equivalent to, but can we have a hostname that works please

+1, can we please have a similar address for .2 and .3?

I’ve tried in Android and it doesn’t work, it resolves to two Cloudflare IP addresses ( and ) that don’t resolve DNS queries.

I’d like to use the for Families in my kid’s mobile phone. It would be great to have it working.


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Since currently does not support DNS over TLS (DoT) you cannot use it for Android Private DNS (Android Private DNS uses DNS over TLS).
Read also here: does not filter content if queries are made via DoT (DNS over TLS)


This is specific for “Android Private DNS”, which requires the hostname of the DNS provider.

Also if you have the hostname for to assign to the Android phone, anyway you will not benefit of the Content Filtering because it’s NOT currently supported by

Thank you @fabio.ancona, until DNS over TLS is supported there is no argument for a hostname.

I will keep an eye on “Does for Families support DNS over TLS?” on Community Tip - Best Practices for for Families to see when there is an update.

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Since we would like to have DNS over TLS also for and you can try to ask to have it here: does not filter content if queries are made via DoT (DNS over TLS)

Interesting discussion with Cloudflare support:
Cloudflare family protection for Android Support
On 2nd look there are at least 5 threads in this forum about the issue. I did not know this when i posted.