Android client issues


Recently my ISP seems to be blocking certain port that WARP uses to create tunnel. There’s a lot 200 ok status code in the log but eventually ends with handleNetworkChange() failed. This happens both on my laptop and my Android phone, but when I updated to the latest Windows version of WARP it works again. From my guess there might be a fallback feature that allows the connection to be made through other ports, while the Android version of WARP currently doesn’t have it. Is it possible that a future Android update will include this feature?

The WARP connection can be made on my phone through mobile data or other wireless networks.


Actually the Android client did the fallback, but the problem is the same, there’s no handshake response. What confuses me is why the Windows client in the same network can successfully connect to WARP. Is it through modified packets?

Problem solved by a client update.