Android app connection problem

I have an Android app.

There have been a problem with accessing android app we have.
It took too long every time, so we’ve checked APACHE Web log.
The IP address keeps changing on a same device.
And it takes too long to get to the web server through DNS when I use the app.
What should I do?

I have questions to help clarify.
Are you saying that a custom android app that you developed is connecting to an via Cloudflare Apache server?
When you say

the IP address keeps change on the same device

do you mean that the client device IP is changing or that the IP that the client is trying to connect to is changing?
How long is it taking to connect to the web server through Cloudflare?
What is your domain?

Yes, custom android app.
And the client device IP checked through APACHE is changing.
It takes about 5 seconds to connect.
My domain is

thank you.

If the client IP is changing then it is making new requests through Cloudflare. The IPs should be in these ranges.
As for speed, check these links

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