Android and IOS Apps behind cloudflare with Superbot[Non enterprise plan.]

1)What are requirements of Android and IOS App to work behind clouflare with Superbot enabled?

2)Will the App work if each page has a separate unique URL?

3)What are tips and tricks and requirements to not be blocked by Superbot for an App user?

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@ Ben Soloman and @ Dan Gould.

Could anyone answer these questions? I also submitted these questions during the webinar.
Basically want to know a bit about the architecture of App for better bot management.

e.g., API route will have every request at a single URL

HTTPS request with a unique URL per page will have a website-like App architecture.

Does it matter for bot management with these concerns?

Anyone can comment on their experience and tips.

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Hi there,

Unfortunately, we can’t provide guidance on how to circumvent or avoid our bot detections. If you’re just looking to allowlist your own mobile app (on your own site), then there are a few options:

  1. Upgrade to Bot Management, which allows highly specific Firewall Rules and settings. We’ll be able to help you exclude mobile traffic from broader bot detections.

  2. Consider disabling Super Bot Fight Mode and instead using our other security tools to protect your site. Mobile apps consume APIs, which are inherently automated, so you may experience issues with a domain-level tool like Super Bot Fight Mode. We’re also launching API Abuse Detection which is specifically designed to protect these types of apps.

  3. Consider moving your mobile endpoints to a separate domain. Then, apply Super Bot Fight Mode to your existing domain and leave it off for the mobile domain/endpoints.

Hope this helps!

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Excellent suggestions. Will consider all options.
Thank you for responding.

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