Android 10 app results in failure with message "Your Network wants you to sign-in"

So, after upgrading to Android 10 on my Pixel 3a and the latest app, I now get a wait state and the app message “Your Network wants you to sign-in”. My Private DNS setting is pointed to, and my — the Internet’s Fastest, Privacy-First DNS Resolver results all show “Yes” results except for DNS over HTTPS. I am using mozilla browsers on my device (in this case Firefox Preview). Posting to alert the Cloudflare mods and perhaps get some insight from the community. Cheers!


Were/are you able to report this using the :wbug: icon in the app?

I will try that as well, but I filed a ticket in the web interface, and was referred here to the community as a response.

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If you can share the ticket number you received here, I’ll add myself to it. Also, if you put that in the app report that should tie them all together.

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Sorry for the delay, but the ticket number (which is now marked as resolved) is 1755891.

The new app update seems to be working as expected.

Cheers, and thank you very much for responding and for the guidance.

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Also, I got a message from somebody via the app requesting feedback on whether the new version had the same issue (it doesn’t), but I cannot find within the app where to respond to messages received about bugs I’ve submitted.

Otherwise, WARP seems to work, but it interferes with some GitHub links, so I have disabled it for now.

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