Analytics / views per route

Is it possible to get analytics about the routes / URLs that are delivered via Cloudflare? I would like to get informations such as page views and visitors for my website broken down by URL.


/articles/how-to-cloudflare - 123 views in July
/articles/how-to-ask-questions - 99 views in July
/articles/how-to-... - 12 views in July

Is it possible to retrieve such information? If yes, what is required (e.g. pro plan?).

Thanks a ton!

Your best bet for detailed logs and analytics would be Logflare.


I am Logflare. Happy to help!

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Thanks! Looks interesting! Does this work with CF free tier? And do you have details about pricing? Couldn’t really find something in the logflare page.

Also: does this analyze logs from cloudflare without adding trackers to the website?

Will reply to what I can, the rest will be filled by @chasers.

It works with Cloudflare Free, on Cloudflare you won’t pay for the Workers it needs, it doesn’t use Cloudflare logs, it logs each request via a Workers that runs in between. You’ll get different info (some is only in Cloudflare logs, some only in Logflare).


@christian.weinberger pricing is landing next month!! Here is a preview:

Let me know how I can help you get setup!

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Thanks @chasers. Is it possible to use LogFlare without injecting a javascript into my site?

Logflare doesn’t work on JS … it collects all the data via a worker. BUT … Cloudflare apps do add a JS file to your deployment even if they only utilize a worker. So Logflare will work the same with JS off / requests from bots, etc but yeah if you’re noticing the js file that gets added with the Cloudflare app it’s because of the app.

You can avoid this by implementing Logflare in your own custom worker. If you go into your Logflare source and click Send more logs there is an example worker all setup for you to copy/paste.