Analytics Traffic (New View) Request Count


We have just moved to cloud flare and we have a question about the number of requests showed in the Traffic tab under Analytics.

We are monitoring a mostly dead subdomain that has a few assets to make sure the is no traffic on it before removing it from our DNS.

We could not see any traffic so we decided to test the logs to make sure everything was recorded properly.

After accessing an image hosted on that subdomain, the number of request shown in the traffic log is always 10.

We are wondering why accessing a single image shows as 10 requests in the traffic log.
We tried different assets and the result is always the same.
This DNS points to a blob container on Azure.

Thank you for your Help.

Analytics only samples traffic. About one-tenth, so now you’re up to ten. Hit it a bunch more times and I bet the next stop will be 20.


It does not seem to be the case.
Every request I make adds another 10 requests to the total.
We tested 3 different images and they added up to 30 requests.