Analytics suddenly shows very low traffic?

It looks like my site when from showing 20,000+ visitors a day to less than 10. I’m curious what could be the problem here.

Here’s my site -

Is there anything that changed with Cloudflare analytics. One thing I noticed is that Cloudflare isn’t auto-redirecting my http to https anymore, for some reason. I just got a plugin to do it for me now.

Does anyone know what might cause this?


  • Matt

Did you unproxy :grey: the DNS record? Your website is no longer on Cloudflare.

Yeah, I think we had to do that in order to work with an SMTP service but I’m not sure anymore. I’ll proxy the DNS records again and see what happens.


Your SMTP service should run on another subdomain e.g. and then unproxy :grey: it.

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I appreciate your help!

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