Analytics stopped working

Hello! I recently connected my website to Cloudflare by changing the name servers to angela and Valentin on GoDaddy. After that, I had an issue with Cloudflare where it didn’t proxy the connection and blocked ports 25565 and 19132, and I deleted old name servers to switch them to default GoDaddy’s. Still, they didn’t support these ports either, so I can my name servers back to Angela and Valentin after the changed analytics stopped working but the record works and all the other features as well.

Hello there,

Would you tell us are you referring to Cloudflare analytics? Is the site functioning currently & on CF?

Hello! Yes, the site is currently functioning. By analytics, I mean like showing me how many people or requests or any traffic that was on the website. It was working before but not now. It all happened after I changed the name server to GoDaddy and then back to Cloudflare’s.

Are you referring to CF analytics?

Yes I am

Assuming this scenario, give it a sometime to reflect the data of the site. At times, doesn’t reflect immediately in such moves.