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Hello Cloudflare and others in the Community.

Cloudflare no longer accepts emails sent to [email protected]. So please view the graphics at the bottom of this posting, the images would not paste from MS word

I have several domains where monthly I get “analytics snapshot” from Cloudflare Marketing. Over the years the visitation indicated on the analytics snapshot has grown nicely according to the numbers below. Lets start with the numbers from October 2020 through July 2021.
cloudflare october 2020

Lets look at some recent numbers from past 3 months in 2024.

1st quarter 2024

Than lets take a look at this please as I will get to my questions below -

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My main question is the validity of the visitation from the “analytics snapshot” that I am receiving monthly. I am doing this Internet thing since it started and understand there are bots and spiders so am aware a percentage of the visitation numbers are not human.

I am also concerned about getting a “1000 page views” congrats from a domain name that was never active with content, and was expired and removed from my Cloudflare account.

Can someone please enlighten me about what I bring up here?

Are the analytic snapshot numbers somewhat reliable indication of visitation? Like another example here,
performance from march

Looking forward to enlightenment of what I am bringing to attention of Cloudflare support and hope is spotted by Cloudflare rep.

  1. As long as the domain resolves to a destination – even to an error page – technically it’s “active with content”.
  2. Historical WHOIS records show the domain had over 15 years of history before it came to Cloudflare on 2023-03-02. With this long history, surely there will be old backlinks pointing to the domain which should account for the traffic.
  3. The stats are for MARCH. Your “deletion” screenshot doesn’t show the date of this email, so it’s impossible for anyone here to correlate the deletion with the stats.
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