Analytics showing 0 on Shopify website

I activated Cloudflare today on my Shopify website. I changed my nameservers correctly and I already had an e-mail from Cloudflare saying everything is activated correctly. But I can’t see any number on the analytics page. It is still showing 0. Can anyone help?

Shopify already uses Cloudflare, so I expect that your DNS records for your site are set to :grey: DNS Only, so that traffic won’t go through your Cloudflare account for analytics.

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Thx for your fast response. The DNS records are indeed set to DNS Only. So don’t I have an advantage of using Cloudflare? I want it to use for blocking bots because the last days I had a lot of visitors. More then normal…

That is correct. Shopify beat you to it. It’d be nice if they gave you some control over the Cloudflare settings for your domain.