Analytics service returned an error (Code: 1010)




m getting error in my dxsupport domain while m clicking in analytics section.
It display me this error, how i can resolve it …help thanks

Analytics service returned an error (Code: 1010) DXSupport com


It looks like a temporary issue. Ref:


Yep. Should be temporary. You can also subscribe to be updated from that Alerts page.


That same ‘temporary issue’ has been with me for the past week. Any other ideas how to get rid of it?


Requires a code change on our end.


I’ve been getting this all week (December 7-14). Affects all of my sites and doesn’t allow Analytics for any time period. Any ideas?

Specific error is: “Analytics service returned an error (Code: 1010)”


Same problem here subscribe to update hope it gets fixed soon


hey guys, had this 1010 issue for some time now and that made me to look in browser console and there I saw some ssl cert issues that involved Chrome browser. That gave me idea to try to open website in Firefox, and voila, analitics works there as expected :slight_smile:

hth, cheers


Everyone should be out of the woods at this point. If you are still having issues please let me know.


Why this error almost comes every month or fortnight?


Did you file a ticket? Do you have a ticket number?


This happens to me today as well even if the Status page doesn’t display any issues.


are you still having issues?