Analytics & Overview are showing NO Figures

My Analytics are not showing any results well there showing 4 visits in the last month.

I found that i may need to change my DNS records to Proxy… But the reason they are DNS and not proxy is wen i set them for Proxy my emails stopped working totally.

So now im not sure if Cloudflare is doing anything for my site or not…

All the DNS records i could amend are all A records when i change any one of them to proxied then all of them have a warning sign with the following message: “This record exposes your ip address to fix it change your dns setting!”

So as you can tell now im not sure if Cloudflare is actually working or what i can change that won’t effect all my emails again.

Any Advice

Also - from reading i understand i need to change my web related dns settings to proxy probably BUT which are my web related DNS records? the only ones i can change are A records in my list and as i say above who i do change them all to proxy all my emails stop working OR if i just change some of them like 1 or 2 then i get the error message in post above.

Can you share the name of the domain?

On your DNS app of the cloudflare dashboard, do you have an A record with the same name as your domain pointing to the IP address of your origin server? If so, is the cloud next to it :orange: or :grey:? If :grey:, click to make :orange:.

Sorry, I don’t understand your question about email, but good #Tutorials here, Troubleshooting Email Delivery Issues when using Cloudflare.