Analytics only available for the last 7 days

When accessing the analytics for one of my pro websites i can only see 7 days of data even though Cloudflare specifies that 30 days of historic data is available (seen on the plan comparison page)

Is this a temporary bug? Or a new limit?

[UPDATE: removed link to a post referring to web analytics which is another product than traffic analytics]

Are you talking about Web Analytics (which use the JS script) or the normal Analytics of the zone?

Is this what you are referring to:

Sorry for not being clear about that. I’m talking about the “Analytics → Traffic” menu under a specific domain

Yes, that is what I was referring to when stating the 30 days historic data

I believe that was referring to the old analytics:

So the old Traffic Analytics interface had 30 days of history - and the new interface only has 7 days?