Analytics not showing correctly. why?

my domain is “albertmart-com” and i see in the overview page, analytics are not showing well and the total requests will go down after a few hours everyday. does cloudflare block visitors daily or is there a limitation for visitors?
just goes down

What do you mean by this?

Most of the metrics shown are based on the 24hour period from now.

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please look at the screenshot
goes down from 9.5k total requests to 915 requests in a few hours only.
i think something is blocking requests

There is no screenshot

this one

That simply means that at that point the traffic to your site dropped off. You’re not going to see the same number of requests to a site every second of every minute of every hour of every day.

Sometimes you just aren’t that popular. Build a bridge.

i don’t think my website does not have traffic at those hours.
I am sure I had every hour more than these visitors.
something is wrong or there is a problem on my website

it’s going up now again.
what is wrong?
whats going on? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Quite probably nothing.

Unless you can determine what traffic is coming to your site it is hard to say. Possibly at certain times there are high levels of bot traffic, at other times not.

Are you logging requests in any way either in Cloudflare or origin that you can cross-reference?

Do you have any blocking rules configured in Cloudflare that might block requests? Have you looked at the events from these to see if they correlate with the drop in traffic?

9k bot in one hour? it’s strange
no, i do not have any blocking rules.
this happened without any changes in the rules

I can Report the Same Problem with Cloudflare Analytics.

Despite the Fact that Website works and Visitors are Hitting the Webpages
the Cloudflare analytics shows nearly no Visitors for specific times.

Clearly Couldflare Analytics has Outages and it is show Totally Wrong Numbers !
Happened now several times on the same Day.

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I was sure something is wrong in the analytics