Analytics not rendering

Hello Everyone,

I have two sites on Cloudflare that I can track the analytics of however only one of them is actually showing accurate analytics. Of the two, the one that I am sure gets more visitors is showing that only 1-2 people visit the site each month. This is highly inaccurate and should be in the thousands. Does anyone know what might be causing this?

Can you share a screenshot of the analytics you see? Are you referring to general Cloudflare analytics, or the Web Analytics? What domain are you seeing the inaccurate analytics on?

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I have attached a photo of the analytics I see for the past 30 days. I believe this is the general Cloudflare analytics.

Is your website’s DNS record proxied (:orange:)?

Those statistics will only record traffic that goes through Cloudflare and DNS Only (:grey:) doesn’t hit Cloudflare at all.