Analytics & Logs > Traffic > empty, no data

I have just started with Cloudflare (PRO account) but in “Analytics and logs” all the counters are at zero while my traffic goes well through Cloudflare DNS
Is there a delay to see the first data appear?

Je viens de démarrer avec Cloudflare (compte PRO) mais dans “Analyses et journaux” tous les compteurs sont à zéro alors que mon trafic passe bien par les DNS Cloudflare
Il y a t-il un délai pour voir apparaitre les premières données?

I suspect you are bypassing Cloudflare, is your A record set to :orange: or :grey:

I don’t know where “A record set to :orange: or :grey:” is.

My website traffic has been going through Cloudflare for 3 days.
I have a PRO account
I see no data (counter at zero) in "Analytics & logs > Traffic (or Security or Performance, …)
I only have data in DNS

Is this normal?

It’s normal if you’re using Cloudflare in DNS-Only mode or grey cloud (ie Cloudflare Proxy is turned off). See: Proxy status · Cloudflare DNS docs

So is your domain’s status Proxied or DNS-Only?

Indeed I am in “DNS-only”, thank you

Other questions, in “DNS Only” mode can I use the WAF rules or should I switch to “Proxied” mode first?

None of Cloudflare features work for DNS-only records, including WAF.

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