Analytics & Logs shows data even though I am not using any Cloudflare products

There is analytics data showing up for my account. I have no active sites in Cloudflare and I am not using any Cloudflare products.

Available under Analytics & Logs in your Cloudflare dashboard when you log in, Account Analytics (beta) shows you an overview of traffic for all sites on your Cloudflare account, such as requests and bandwidth by country, information related to security, cache, and errors, among others

How do I determine why this analytics data is showing up for my account? I did not accidentally point to Cloudflare DNS from any domains I currently own either.

This is concerning to me that some web traffic is associated to my account even though I am not using Cloudflare for anything, haven’t used their products in years.

Account Analytics can be from anything across your entire account. Do you have any Workers or Pages Projects? Bots could still be hitting them. It also really depends on how much data you’re talking about. A Few thousand requests over a month could easily be just bots.

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I do not have any Cloudflare specific infra in use. I did click thru all the available offerings just in case I forgot about something.

Well…something is still in use. Do you have any inactive zones here?

I am not sure how to check that, do you have any steps? I did a whois check on all domains I own and they are only using the name servers I expected, which is not Cloudflare’s.

Just take a look in your dashboard to see if there are any domains still listed.

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There isn’t. I am not using any Cloudflare products. The console is empty for everything except these anayltics logs.