Analytics isn't showing the uncached requests

Hello, it’s been a couple of months since cloudflare stopped showing the uncached results in the analytics page. It didn’t bother me until now that I’m reviewing my cache policy in order to reduce my AWS S3 spending. All my content are just static JPG files.

As you can see in the analytics screenshots, in the last month is showing ridicullously low uncached requests.

If I check my origin metrics, it’s receiving 2 requests/sec on average, so there’s plenty uncached requests to be shown.

6 months ago I installed LogFlare. I can’t tell if that’s the same time I started having this problem. In order to double check, the LogFlare log shows MISS requests.

Thank you in advance!

I even purged all the caché, and it’s still reporting 100% cached content

That is related to using Logflare AFAIK. Same thing happened to me as well.

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You were right! I uninstalled LogFlare and now the uncached appeared!

Have you found any similar tool like LogFlare that doesn’t alter the analytics?

Only other ways is via Enterprise plan logs or using Cloudflare Workers