Analytics is displaying 4-6x as much traffic as is reality. What's going on?!

The visitor analytics in our cloudflare dashboard is displaying 4-6x the amount of traffic as is real according to two other analytics systems. What’s going on and how do I fix it?

Also, we’ve had the DNS pointed at Cloudflare for 7 days, and while speed testing in our home location (Portugal) is working well, we’re not seeing CDN benefits anywhere as the pull is still crazy slow.

Have we just totally botched the set up? Ideas and assistance is much appreciated, thanks.

A quick :search: will return a lot of posts asking a similar question. It’s normal for discrepancies to exist between Cloudflare Analytics and other analytics systems, as they have different methods of recording data. To ensure the best CDN performance, make sure your website assets are cacheable and your page rules are properly configured. For an in-depth explanation of the differences in analytics data, please refer to this article:

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