Analytics have stopped working


Looking at my site analytics they seem to have stopped working. I have also tested my site from VPS around the globe so I can confirm I have not blocked anything such as whole countries or IP ect ect.

Not sure why its basically showing all traffic has stopped. Site seems just fine and content ranking as usual in Google.

Unsure what the screenshot is intended to describe. There appears to have been 849 unique visitors to the site in the 24 hour period displayed 11-12 Dec. What’s stopped working?

Well as you can see the data has flat lined.

Perhaps it was a slow news day? As it isn’t my website I don’t have any data against which to compare the traffic for an arbitrary 24 hour period on a chart to a similar 24 hour period over time. How many visitors do you normally receive from xx:yy on a Monday to xx:yy on a Tuesday according to Cloudflare? What do the other analytics and logs show (e.g. traffic, dns, security)?


It was a massive drop.

The usual is about 700. Regardless if news readers These include bots all

700 an hour, a day, a minute? If the average number of daily visitors for the period displayed is 700, the chart in the screenshot shows 849 which seems like an increase as opposed to a drop. The second screenshot shows requests consistently over some unknown period of time, which would seem to indicate the Cloudflare was receiving / serving traffic during that time.

As I said it make no sense to me at the moment.

Look how drastic this is in % drop

But, when I pause Cloudflare, you can see it start to climb and come back up again


Your site blocks my requests, but it’s Wordfence, not Cloudflare doing the blocking. Perhaps that has something to do with the change in traffic?

Possible you can tell me the IP address you are trying to access it from?

you can email me if you like? frankiepoowalk @

I am seeing plenty of traffic flowing in on my word fence logs. And I can access the site from VPNs around the the world without any issue.

It’s only when I pause Cloudflare I can see the traffic stats coming up again. My word fence logs are not showing any slowdown in traffic along with my host server stats

Ensure you’re not somehow blocking or rate limiting Cloudflare IP addresses and are properly restoring Cloudflare IP addresses at whatever proxy levels might exist.


I have also just found that my security rules are not working (WAF)

Everyone is able to access my wp-admin on all IP’s when I have this totally locked down to a single IP.

Something does not seem right with my account. I have not changed these rules oir added new blocked IPs

I am using both zone lockdown and manual rules. Cloudflare is not blocking wp-admin request either. Something seems to be very messed up and I cannot find where .

Can I click allow cloudflare admin to access my account and someone have a look.

I its looks like I have found the problem,

This seems to have something to do with quic cloud.

When I removed the cname for www for my quic cloud and just use my origin web host IP eveything starts working perfectly. Only thing is that uncached page load times are very slow.

This resolved my issue of,

Cloudflare not locking down my IP for wp-admin (Thats now working) ( when cname for quic cloud is removed)

Analytics stats is showing all the traffic again,

So. Does this mean quic cloud proxy is blocking cloudflare. If so. What are the IPs I should allowlist ?

Why am i using quic cloud CDN also? Well. When I remove it, uncached responses are dead slow and site is dead slow. Which I dont understand why

Is there anyone here to help me on this issue?

I have totally removed quic cloud but my traffic stats are bottomed out. Also getting error unable to retrieve data.

It only resolved when I pause Cloudflare.


When I removed the cname for www for my quic cloud and just use my origin web host IP eveything starts working perfectly.

That makes sense. When you’re pointing to Quic Cloud, they’re managing the traffic to those hostnames, as they’re your SaaS provider, and they’re certificate will take precedence over Cloudflare’s (for those hostnames pointed to them). While pointing to Quic, Analytics and Rules won’t be applied at Cloudflare. You’ll need to review analytics and configure rules at the SaaS provider.

For slowness I checked your caching analytics, and found mostly HTML and JSON being served from the origin. You can cache these with a cache everything rule, but there are some caveats with a cache everything rule.

You can find those here -