Analytics graph not updating when I select a different time frame


The Analytics graph default view is 24 Hours. When I select ‘Last month’ from the dropdown the data should change (I think) to reflect a month’s data, but it doesn’t.

Is this broken or am I misunderstanding how it works?

It sometimes fails to work. I assume @cloonan and the team know that, they need a bit of time to fix underlying issues.

You assume correct though, it should change. Maybe try refreshing the page or changing browser.

Thanks @matteo! Same behavior in different/private/incognito/refreshed windows in paid and free accounts. Gathering stats to show a client the benefit to upgrading to paid version of Cloudflare; hopefully a fix is in the works.

I’ll mark your reply as a solution since it’s as close as we will get.

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I really hope that they fix some dashboard issues, there are plenty unfortunately, but the know it. It’s just that they need the time to rebuild things well.