Analytics does not showing from January 6 but it was all right before

I have pointed my domain nameserver to Cloudflare correctly from 6 january its not show the analytics / web traffic info


Hi @maruf.mr9, I looked into your audit logs and I’m actually surprised you see any traffic data whatsoever.

Your name servers were first confirmed on 12/26, the zone was deleted on 12/29, the name servers were confirmed again on 1/5, the zone was deleted again on 1/7, and the name servers were re-confirmed about 30 hours ago. You won’t have any traffic data for the time the zone was not active on Cloudflare.

Thanks for the replay
first time i was not clear about how to configure
then i have clear it, 2nd time i have delete it for no traffic stats

it will be updated automatically or i need to do something ?

On the DNS tab, can you click the grey cloud next to the record type of cname and next to the A record with your site name and IP address? That will turn the clouds orange and traffic will be routed through Cloudflare. Visit the site to make sure all is as you expect, give it a bit of time and then check if you see traffic data to ensure all is as you expect.

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