Analytics do not show the traffic from azure blob storage

I have connected a subdomain through cloudflare to a storage account in azure. It seems to be working currectly but I cannot see the input traffic. Is it because I have enabled DnsOnly in the setting for the host when I installed it in cloudflare ? I need to see this analytics in order to make output cost analysis from azure. Also do you know if the outbound cost from azure blob storage is lower when using cloudflare specifically ? Because that’s what my storage cost management is telling me right now.

Precisely. You need to proxy it through Cloudflare for any of that to take effect.

The tutorial I used told me to specifically use DNSOnly since without that it didn’t work. And actually I tested that it doesn’t work without that. Do you have any tips as to how I’m going to make it work without using DNSOnly?

I dont know which tutorial you used and most of them are inaccurate anyhow.

I am not sure what the issue is. Switch it to :orange: and then post the URL here.

I turned it on now as you suggested and it seems to be working! Thank you very much!