Analytics Discrepency and SEO Related Questions

Hello All,

New to Cloudflare and new to the forums. I added my first site to the free plan about 10 days ago hoping for better security /spam protection for my clients websites. I host my clients sites on Google Cloud and use Fastly for CDN. I have around 40 sites I was planning to move to Cloudflare but I want to make sure I am not risking the current traffic performance of my clients.

  1. Over the past week I have noticed a huge difference between Cloudflare reported traffic and Google Analytics on my test site. Cloudflare reported almost 10 times as many unique visitors. Any explanation why that may be?

  2. I am not sure if this is true but I read that if you use Universal SSL Certs provided by Cloudflare that happen to be shared with spammy or low quality sites Google could reduce your search rank. I attempted to disable the SSL Certs from Cloudflare to force the ones on my origin site to be used but that didn’t work, it just generated a 503 error with a cipher mismatch message. I suspect this is because a Cloudflare cert needs to be used to communicate with my origin server but I am not ready to pay 200 a month for a Biz account to use my own certs on Cloudflare. Is there validity to this claim?

  3. I also read that the A record being shared can effect your search rank negatively if the IP is shared with sites that are of a low quality. However, when checking my test site in Google search Console I do not see reduction in traffic, average search position, or CTR. Is there any validity to this claim and if so is there an option to have my own custom IP?

So did I just get lucky with this client site? Or are the claims of reduced rank and organic search traffic after adding a site to Cloudflare just rubbish?


  2. Not true.

  3. Also not true.

Thank you for the quick reply! I was hoping that would be the case but perplexed why there would be so many articles claiming this. I will just stagger the sites slowly as I migrate them and watch them carefully to ensure everything is ok.

If I could ask one more question although this might not be in the right topic: I read that Cloudflare essentially eliminates your need to use Google reCAPTCHA on pages and forms due to a built-in captcha software. Is this correct? If I activate a site with Cloudflare can I remove those annoying Google reCAPTCHA scripts from my pages and even form honeypots etc?