Analytics Data Inconsistencies

I have one site on my Cloudflare.

“Account Analytics” shows 666 views and 1.27k page loads in the past 7 days (and has for months), which I’ve been actively investigating to see if there’s something malicious going on, because that’s way too much.

However, after enabling “Web Analytics”, that only shows 54 visits and 74 page views in the same period, including bots, which is what I’d expect.

Even looking through “content type” for requests on “Account Analytics”, I get 2.54k of the 6.57k requests being “HTML”. So logically that means Cloudflare is serving the HTML and it should register in Web Analytics, no?

Is Cloudflare known to be inconsistent across the data sources they present, or am I under some sort of attack that I wasn’t able to detect? Everything seems normal on my end.

Hi there,

There is no data inconsistencies, since all the Analytics data is sampled, which means that it doesn’t represent all the requests and don’t use the same sample rate.

Check the blog post about this:

And more details about sampling.

Take care!