Analytics breakdown of which url visited

Hi guys, new to CF.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to know breakdown of which url is being visited?

I want to harden those url, or minimize unwanted traffic to prevent capacity/cost issue.

I use CF on small personal website which should actually attract very few traffic, should have less than thousands traffic weekly. But CF shows thousands more of traffic, which I suspect Bot or malicious script/scan. I know I can track visitor with analytics tools like Mixpanel/Google Analytics, but those visitor are untracked with those tools, I guess they don’t even run the JS.
Only CF tracked those, maybe because CF track traffic per HTTP request (both browser or bot are tracked). Can CF dashboard tell me which url have top traffic?

Please point me to the right way if you have any ideas.
Thanks, appreciate the help!

Only via Browser Insights, but it’s not great if you want simply “breakdown by URL”; and users with adblock won’t show up on it.

Happy to help with Logflare!