Analytics are not showing on one website on my account

Hello wise and wonderfull CF Community.

I have setup all my domains on a basic Cloudflare account. Everything has been working fine, yet one specific domain has stopped logging to analytics. I did add an MX record to this domain a while ago, perhaps I upset something at this point. The site serves perfectly and email works. Are there any obvious things to look out for in this case?

Many thanks for any tips.

Is it still orange-clouded? And the domain isn’t “paused”, right? You’ve verified that DNS is actually resolving to Cloudflare IPs and not your actual origin IP(s), right? Assuming the traffic really is routing through Cloudflare, if you look at the HTML with curl or viewing source in a browser, do you see the beacon script being inserted? You should see a reference to beacon.min.js, should be on the last line before the </body> closing tag, might be mixed in with some other scripts that Cloudflare inserts depending what features are turned on.

If you’re not seeing the beacon being inserted and everything else is good and you’re sure that analytics is turned on, I guess make sure your origin isn’t sending a cache-control header containing " “no-transform” since that would probably prevent Cloudflare for making any modifications including the beacon insertion

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