Analytics app + analytics on webpage

I have added the google analytics code into my website.
I also have the Cloudflare google analytics app installed.

Will they interfere with each other?

I think that Google may automatically dedupe stats from the same page (if same tracker is used) but not positive. Would have to check with Google to confirm. Should be easy to test if you toggle the Cloudflare App on and off.

I also have the Cloudflare google analytics app installed.


Will they interfere with each other?

Just the opposite GA and the Cloudflare Google Analytics App will work better together.

If you already have GA snippets on your domain when
you enable the CF-GA App; you’ll notice much more accuracy.

While testing, we disabled the CF-GA App and as soon
as we did the “Real Time” analytics got sloppy.

The next and following days with the CF-GA App disabled
the metrics dropped off by 40%.

About two weeks later we re-enabled the GA App and
within 48 hours we got back to the original baseline with
both working together.

Even with Cloudflare and Google Analytics App
working together. We still need to continue to keep GA snippets on our pages.

When we removed some snippets, our bounce rate went up.
My team members found that uncomfortable.
Personally, I find that bounce rate is relative to the snippets, rather than the actual visitor metrics (compared to raw logs).

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Cloudflare analytics: 835 unique visitors last 7 days.
Google analytics: 11 visitors last 7 days

I hate to bump such an old thread, but it shows up on Google when you search Google Analytics & Cloudflare, and the information given by 6xbytes is potentially misleading.

You should only have one instance of Google Analytics installed. It should either be a code on your site, or injected as an app through Cloudflare. This is confirmed by Cloudflare support documents on Google Analytics App setup.

6XBytes says that you can use the Google Analytics JavaScript code at the same time as the Google Analytics Cloudflare App, without them interfering with each other or creating false duplicates of analytics results.

Suleyman.Okan says the opposite though, and that you should only use either the Google Analytics JavaScript code or the Google Analytics Cloudflare App.

I figure only using one or the other is best, but if I want to keep the JavaScript code on the website, and also use the Cloudflare App at the same time, can I do that without any problems? For example, if Cloudflare becomes disabled or paused, then there would continue to be analytics tracking on the site if the JavaScript code is also present as a backup.

Okay, so I confirmed that they do count as duplicate pageviews if you have both the JavaScript tracking code and the Cloudflare App enabled at the same time. Google Analytics Real-Time Overview shows as 2 users active if two instances of Google Analytics tracking are present. So you can only use one or the other, not both.