Analytics and image optimization in Pages

I currently use regular web hosting but Cloudflare Pages seems to make a great deal of sense of a static website.

It mentions built-in analytics. Are these like Cloudflare Web Analytics where it adds a JS snippet, or is it without it like in the paid Cloudflare plans?

It also says there’s image compression out of the box. Is it possible to turn this off or adjust the settings in any way?

Lastly can I use a naked domain (no www) on Cloudflare Pages?

You can use the Web Analytics, which essentially is a line of script you add to your side, it functions the say way as Google Analytics but is more focused on the site performance instead of the audiences. It’s available for sites on domains even on free plans.

You can review this page for compression:

You can use the apex domain as a custom domain to Cloudflare Pages.

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