Analytic stats change based on time period


Something is wrong with the stats. When you change the time period, the numbers change, too.

If I look at the last 6 hours, the peak is 884 requests at 5am.

But if I switch to 12 hours, that same 5am peak is now 1.46k




The mods have been a bit quiet this week. Have you sent this to Support?


No, I didn’t. It’s not mission critical for me.


Time window for the data slices changes so the number of requests in the slice is bigger (data rollup). 6 hour chart uses 15 minute time slices, 12 hours uses 30 minute slices. Last 25 uses hour long slices.


So for example the 12h’s “5:00” (1400) = the 6hr’s “5:00” (600) + “5:15” (800)?


I would assume so yes Math is hard though :slight_smile:

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