Analysis of a GTMetrix Waterfall Chart


I’ve been working on the reduction of my website speed load. So far, I’ve achieved a good result with an average load time of 5 seconds.

The problem that I’m facing is the following. At the beginning, I was always running after A scores in all GTMetrix elements. But doing is a total mistake, because at some points I’ve been able to reach A scores almost everywhere but in fact, there were too many problems when naviguating on my website :

  • elements not loading / loading wrong
  • website load time of around 10 seconds!

So in reality what matters is the users’ website loading time. Currently, I reached around 5 seconds. But I’m not able to reduce it to less despite combining the relevant features from Cloudflare, WP Rocket and Autoptimize.

Please check this video screenshot :

You’ll see that the website is loading almost all fast at the beginning, but then after 2-3 seconds things load too slow with even delays in between the elements. Why do I have so much difference there? Can Cloudflare do something about this? If not Clouflare, what else could?


Don’t be be too concerend about some score because content and speed is what Search engines want. Sometimes you can achieve both so you may want to consider what scripts, fonts etc that you can afford to get rid of.

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