An unknown error occurred storing the billing profile (Code: 1004)

Hi, I’m having troubles with paying for Dedicated SSL Certificate because of error code 1004. I have tried 2 of my cards (credit & debit) none of which made any difference.
In the browser’s console I found HTTP Status 400 on POST{xxx}/billing/profile

Some additional info:
My account is fresh (registered yesterday), I am from Czech Republic (Czechia) and tried filling in the billing info both through the payment for SSL certificate and Billiing info under account. And also I tried it a couple of times with 5-120 minute windows.

This could Help :slight_smile:

I really woulda thought so too! As I prepared that tip, I noticed we return Error: 1004 in a browser when hitting a site if we cannot resolve a DNS record and we return Code 1004 on the dashboard if we run into issues making changes to records…am going to suss that out in another tip. For now, @smeky.sobota, I suspect you’ll need to contact support to address the issue. Curious, what is the actual text of the error you are seeing & do you have any cards on file at the moment?

PS - Support contact details - login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support

I will try to play around the overall settings required to get SSL running. The actual error I am seeing is the same as title of this thread - this is the reason I was confused. I have read some posts about the 1004 but the error text didn’t mention anything close, thus the post :slight_smile:

Got it. I did a scan of the tickets with this error. Based on that, you may want to double & 3x check that your account Cloudflare contact details match your cc billing details exactly and that the ccv code you’re entering is correct. Beyond those checks, if you contact support ask that they escalate the ticket to the billing team.

@smeky.sobota, this is the tip on the Code 1004 issue, let us know how you resolve this.

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