An unhelpful support agent

I’d like to make a complaint against the second agent who answered my ticket #2409986.
All he did was copy and paste answers without even looking into the issue.

My problem is SuperBotFightMode and user agent blocking are not being triggered. He asked me to turn off SuperBotFightMode with this templated answer:

BFM is a sensitive feature and it’s not right for everyone. We offer more configurability with Bot Management Enterprise and can only help BFM customers with basic settings like turning on/off Verified Bots.

So BFM cannot be bypassed.

Thanks Karen. we’ll be sure to alert a manager. :man_facepalming:

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The support has minimal time to answer tickets; I’m afraid that, especially if it’s related to SBFM, they will shrug it off because there isn’t much they can do other than suggesting the right team to make changes.

As they and the community suggest, SBFM is bad in the stage where it currently is; it’s best to disable it and ignore that it’s there because it causes more troubles than it solves.


Did anyone else find this funny? :rofl:

When I saw this, I actually laughed!

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The first agent asked for more information. I took my time to take screenshots and provide more information. All I got from the second agent is a template answer.

I also mentioned that I have the same problem with user agent blocking: “It seems firewall rules have the highest priority. Isn’t User Agent Blocking in Tool supposed to have a higher priority than firewall rules? Why did this user agent ( only get a managed challenge from the firewall rule? The action I set in Tool is captcha:

He completely ignored my question and went ahead and gave me an irrelevant answer.

This is the flow of traffic:

Additionally, have a look at Understanding your site protection options – Cloudflare Help Center.

Cloudflare offers a number of tools to protect your site against specified volumes of traffic, certain groups of requesters, and specific requesting IPs. There is a specific order in which security tools trigger:

  • IP Access Rules
  • Firewall rules
  • Zone Lockdown
  • User Agent Blocking
  • WAF managed rules



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