An other Person's DNS at Cloudflare is using an ip address for my domain


Looking for directions to the proper channels to fix another person’s dns zone that is infringing on my website.

Another Cloudflare dns zone with a Cloudflare certificate and associated Cloudflare dns entry is using my ip address from VULTR ( my hosting provider ) as an ‘a’ record in their Cloudflare domain. I’m not writing specifically the domain name but I have the information for whoever can fix this for me.

The SSL certificate for this infringing domain expires in June this year … What is happening is that anyone who types in https://infringing.domain/ is being redirected to my website because the dns for the “infringing.domain” has an ‘a’ record that is actually used by my web site at VULTR. Maybe they used VULTR in the past, closed their VULTR account but did not clean
up their dns zone.

Google searches are also being affected by infringing.domain since searches done for my website have “https://infringing.domain
tagged to them.

Because Cloudflare is proxying dns records, and the cache may be set to never expire I need to get this resolved by Cloudflare as I can not do anything on my end. Isn’t their any checks done on ‘a’ records that Cloudflare includes in it’s caching?


Cloudflare tells the origin what domain it’s being accessed on in the Host header - you should be checking that and only serving your website by name as opposed to serving that site to anyone who accessed the IP address.

There’s no way Cloudflare can know that two zones or accounts shouldn’t be using the same IP address.


Ok, That works Thanks

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