An old website lives in cloudflare with dns and hosting. Need it down ASAP

An old website from 2012 is appearing in search engines against our wishes. It’s dns is coming from cloudflare and mxtoolbox says cloudflare is hosting both. We have updated our website many times since this old site was up and it has outdated information and branding and we just want it gone. I came here in 2017 and I have never authorized a payment to cloudflare. It’s possible it’s on some shared credit card some where and I am checking into that but I really just want to shut this page down ASAP.

Any ideas how to shut it down?

Is this on a domain you own?

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We owned it up until a few years ago. We finally let it expire as we have been using the new domain for more than 5 years. I have checked and we are not paying for it and I try to administer it on cloudflare but obviously I don’t have access to that domain. It looks like a phishing attempt but I haven’t seen any bad urls maybe the phish just needs a site to look legit. It has our employees name and other information or at least a picture of that information 12 years ago.


While the domain and hosting-related accounts no longer belong to you, your only course of action is to file an abuse report for copyright and/or trademark for the content.


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