An issue with Cloudflare's proxy

"I have an A record for a client website that points to my hosting account. When Cloudflare’s proxy is turned on, web traffic to the client website is not sent to my hosting account, instead, it is sent to another server that is referenced in CNAME records that also has Cloudflare proxies set up.

When disabling the proxy for my client’s website A record and the www CNAME record, the web traffic is correctly sent to my hosting account.

It looks like there is some confusion on the Cloudflare layer when the proxy is turned on for both my client’s website A record and the other two CNAME proxied records that incorrectly point all web traffic to the wrong server.

Is there an issue having two different servers proxied?


This usually happens when a person adds their domain to a third party Cloudflare Partner, then tries to proxy through a different account.

The domain operator (you or your client) would have to contact Support to have this released: support AT cloudflare DOT com (from the email address associated with the controlling account)

Thank you so much. I will Contact Cloudflare support.

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The next part is the key

Support can only work with the account owner via the email address associated with the account. Do you have access to the proper email/account?

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