An issue with A record in the DNS config


I’m trying to point A record in the DNS config to another server than the hosting of the DNS, until the moment it seems to not propagate yet.

This is the current setup:

  • A record with name as “*” points to the new IP address.
  • A record with name as “” points to the new IP address.
  • A record with name as “www” points to the new IP address.

Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

You are trying to add an A record?

The * one is a wildcard, it’s normally not needed. The other 2 are correct.

Is the error you believe you see the fact that the IPs shown when doing a query is not what you input in the dashboard? If so, and the records are :orange: in the DNS dashboard, the behavior is correct. That’s exactly what Cloudflare, as a proxy, does.

Thanks for your reply Matteo.

Yes, they have been added for several hours now.

I just reverted the 1st one now to point to the original IP address.

At the moment when I query the DNS I see that those two records are pointing to Cloudflare IP address, and yes I have the records with “DNS & HTTP Proxy”.

Do you think as I reverted the 1st the other two will start point to their intended location?

Why does the first one even exist? That is the main question. It doesn’t make sense unless there is a very specific reason for it. Why did you add a wildcard record?

Those are correct then, the wildcard can’t be proxied so to get the original IP use any random subdomain apart from www and you’ll see it.

It’s been there added already by the original hosting, so when I defined the site in Cloudflare it added this record as well.

I have another A record that I defined which is “” and it’s not resolving right.

When I try to visit this A record I’m getting 522 and Cloudflare fail to reach the host.

I would suggest removing it and adding records as needed.

A 522 error typically happens when Cloudflare requests to the origin (your webserver) get blocked. Review the suggestions in this Community Tip for troubleshooting ideas.

I will check them out. Thank you Matteo :wink:

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