An error occurred while attempting to validate your domain

The renewal link provided in the email cannot complete the renewal. What should I do next。

You need your ownership of the domain. DigiCert provides several methods to do so. You can find a list here: Domain Control Validation (DCV) methods

Typically your providers provides you a authkey. With the authkey you can follow along this guide to verify your ownership of the domain: Use the DNS TXT DCV Method

I have correctly parsed CNAME, but click verification to show that it cannot pass

That make senes. The CNAME record is responsible to map your subdomain to the right destination. You need to pass a simple verification process to ensure that you are the owner of the domain. The simplest way is to add an additional TXT record. Please have a look to the dashboard of your provider for further instructions for the domain verification.

The verification email only provides CNAME records, not TXT

Fine, so I guess the provider tries to verify the domain using CNAME validation. Have you enabled Cloudflare proxy (orange icon next to the dns entry) or Cloudflare CNAME fluttering?

Actually the domain is not using Cloudflare as the name server, instead it’s using Route 53 and just CNAME to Cloudflare endpoint which provided by Cloudflare partner plan.

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